Nitric Oxide Modulates Fracture Healing

More research about the benefits of Light Therapy (a.k.a. photobiomodulation) and Nitric Oxide for Fracture Healing!

“In summary, the studies outlined in this report suggest that NOS is induced during fracture healing in rats and in humans. Systemic inhibition of these enzymes reduced the magnitude of the fracture‐healing response, whereas supplementation of NO to fracture healing augmented the process in rats. These results have potential clinical significance in that NO might enhance fracture healing, especially in situations in which fracture healing is impaired (e.g., malnutrition and diabetes). Similarly, the reverse may also hold true; that is, selective local inhibition of NO synthesis may inhibit unwanted new bone formation in clinical situations such as myositis ossificans and postoperative heterotopic ossification in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.”

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