Modulated Light vs Sunlight

We all know sunlight is an essential nutrient. We learn about photosynthesis in school, we know lack of sunlight in the winter can affect people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), babies are put under light for jaundice, and we know some sunlight is beneficial for our overall health. The thing is, we also know too much time in the sun can lead to sunburns and other skin damage.

So how is modulated light, in this case Photobiomodulation, LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy), Light Therapy, etc. the same or different than sunlight?

Sunlight refers to the incoming light to the Earth that originated from the sun. This light represents only a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light. There are many colors of sun light and color is delivered by wavelengths.

We have engineered delivery of the beneficial wavelengths from sunlight and modulated it into Low Level Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation) technology. We can now use the good wavelengths (color is delivered by wavelengths) and leave out the harmful wavelengths.

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Owner of Connolly Photopuncture, Certified Human and Equine Light Therapy Instructor, Certified Pet Light Therapist, Secretary for the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences