LLLT improves vision in patients with age-related Macular Degeneration

More research about the benefits of Light Therapy (a.k.a. photobiomodulation) for Macular Degeneration!

“LLLT significantly improved visual acuity (p < 0.00001 versus baseline) in 162/182 (95%) of eyes with cataracts and 142/146 (97%) of eyes without cataracts. The prevalence of metamorphopsia, scotoma, and dyschromatopsia was reduced. In patients with wet AMD, edema and bleeding improved. The improved vision was maintained for 3-36 mo after treatment. Visual acuity in the control group remained unchanged. No adverse effects were observed in those undergoing therapy. “

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PTI Note: Please recognize that since article was written the world view of PBM has become inclusive of both laser and LED benefits. LLLT is now recognized and referred to as Photobiomodulation (PBM) whether performed with laser or LED tools.

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