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Short History of Pad-Based PBM Systems

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CareLight Platinum Deluxe 6 Port Package

We often get asked by many of the professional level Pad-Based Light Therapy systems look so much alike.

Much of the original technology for what you not see in the HealthLight, InLight, CareLight, NeuroLight (etc.) was all originally designed by David Melone for Nadine Donahue of BioScan Systems in the early/mid 1990s.

By the early 2000s David’s company (Light Emitting Designs) was making many versions of the same products white-labeled for many different companies. The HealthLight brand that David Melone produced at that time was the one to get the first FDA “Clearance” for LED pads under the “heating pad” category of medical equipment. His company was dedicated to working with neuropathy physicians and centers.

InLight 6 Port System

Eventually Light Emitting Designs became InLight Therapy owned by David and his wife Jane. The other companies that Light Emitting Designs produced systems for all found other production facilities but, as Nadine had let the original BioScan patent lapse, they are all based on the same original pulsed, polychromatic design.

PTI chose in February of 2020 to distribute CareLight products as they are the consumer division of HealthLight and being managed by some of the same people who run The Pampered Chef – so they understand supporting affiliates, commissions and customer support.

But all are worthwhile products and we still use and support InLight systems as well.
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