Bubba’s Road to Recovery with Light Therapy & Essential Oils

This is Bubba, one of our barn cats. He’s about 6 months old.  On January 26th 2019, I noticed his ears were looking scabby and crusty. I’m a Young Living essential oil distributor and Light Therapy practitioner. So I wanted to see what I could do for Bubba naturally. (Picture 1, January 26th 2020)

Right away, I began by applying my red light in his inner ear, outer ear, nose, mouth, and around the eyes.  That same day, I applied a diluted essential oil spray mix (my friend had suggested for my horse’s runny eye) to the same areas I applied the light. Finally, I applied “Animal Ointment” from Young Living to those areas as well. I repeated this sparingly every 3-4 days for two weeks. I say sparingly because of  the cold (Iowa in January weather), and not wanting to risk his fur less ears getting frost bite from applying liquids. Otherwise, I would have done it every other day.

Picture 2, January 31 2020

(Picture 2, January 31st 2020)

5 days later and 2 applications later, his eye was really gross, I was getting more concerned but I noticed the scabs were beginning to clear up and he had healthy skin below. It wasn’t long before his eyes cleared up, the scabs all receded and healthy new skin was left.

(Pictures 3 & 4, February 9th 2020)

I’m so grateful to have natural alternatives that I can use on my family and animals, including the barn cats. I truly believe he overcame this imbalance rapidly with the assistance of oils and lights. I think it helped to detox whatever impurities his body was fighting. Now he’s a happy healthy loving barn cat.

Machelle Varney Dows, IA

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