The Photonic Horse - Intro to Equine Light Therapy

2 Day Hands-On Class for those interested in helping horses with Photopuncture & Light Therapy. Includes assessment of pain and imbalance as well as master energy point charts.

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Product Description

Class Purpose – grounding in assessment of horses for pain and imbalances and using lights to re-balance the horse.


  • How to quickly and easily locate areas of hidden pain using only your head and hands
  • Be able to see and feel"Imbalances" in your horse
  • Assist your horses without calling the Vet, Chiropractor or Massage Therapist - save money and time
  • Safe horse handling techniques for therapy sessions of any type
  • Overcome Colic and digestive issues in just minutes
  • Calm the fearful and nervous horse without drugs
  • Support the older horse or those with chronic health issues with Master points for stimulating the immune system and promoting general health

8 hours each day plus lunch break -

Day one:

  • How light affects the horse and how you can treat with (issues) benefits
  • Safe horse handling
  • Bringing up the horse's energy
  • Assessing the Horse for Pain and Imbalances
  • Introductory Energy Points

Day two

  • Perfecting the Basic Assessment
  • Using the Health and Balance Energy Points
  • Adjusting the Hyoid with Light