Single Red Torch Photopuncture Kit

Everything you need to get started balancing the body with red light therapy! One 660nm Red Photopuncture Torch with Health and Balance charts for Humans, Horses, Dogs and Cats!

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Product Description

Photonic "Red Light" Therapy doesn't have to be expensive!  This unique kit combines everything you need to get started with improving the lives of the people and animals in our lives.  

Single Torch Photopuncture Kit includes:

  • One 660 nm red light Photopuncture Torch - pulsed at 8 hz
  • One Lithium Ion Battery
  • USB Battery charger
  • Hard shell protective case
  • Neoprene belt carrying bag
  • Health and Balance Charts for Humans, Horses and Pets
  • Online "Intro to Light Therapy and Frequency Medicine" course

Warranty:  60 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.