Light Therapy Tendon Wrap 1 ea

The TendonSaver has 60 red, pulsed LED diodes can be used on any of the four legs, as well as for problems in the back, sore hamstrings, neck problems, etc.

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Product Description

The Light Therapy Tendon Wrap is extremely versatile and affordable. Its frequency settings are optimal for stimulating healing and relaxing tightened muscles and tendons.

  • Automatically alternates between two pulsing frequencies for greatest pain relieve and cellular repair
  • Self-contained, battery powered
  • Fits around either leg or can be used flat anywhere on the body
  • Rows of lights are strategically placed to treat tendons and ligaments....ALSO works on bone chips and splints!
  • Relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments and provides NON-INVASIVE pain relief...NATURALLY
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration, circulation and greatly speeds wound healing
  • 20 minute treatment time
  • Adjustable velcro straps hold wrap securely to leg or to another wrap

The Tendon Wrap is especially helpful in the treatment of:

  • Bowed and stretched tendons and ligaments
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Wind Puffs
  • Knee and pastern injuries
  • Lower back and sacral issues
  • Deep and superficial flexor tendons
  • Splint bones
  • Sore shins

Warranty - 5 year limited warranty and product guarantee from RevitaVet!