Light Therapy Hock Saver Set

Each Hock Saver has 18 visible red diodes strategically located to help relieve and prevent problems in one of the most important and hardest worked joints in the horse.

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Product Description

The Light Therapy Hock Wrap is extremely versatile and affordable. Its frequency settings are optimal for stimulating healing and relaxing tightened muscles and tendons.

The 36 light diodes in the Light Therapy Hock Wrap are strategically positioned to target all the areas of the most common hock ailments. The sturdy neoprene Hock Saver straps around the hock for hands-free treatment of common hock ailments. With a treatment time as little as 15-20 minutes, a pair of Hock Savers can be used on ten or more horses per day. It is used on existing hock problems and for the prevention of hock injuries. It is strongly indicated for competitive horses that stress their hocks constantly.

  • Automatically alternates between pulsed frequencies for stimulating cellular repair and lowering pain levels.
  • Self-contained, battery powered
  • Rows of lights are strategically placed to treat tendons and ligaments....ALSO works on bone chips and splints!
  • Relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments and provides NON-INVASIVE pain relief...NATURALLY
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration, circulation and greatly speeds wound healing
  • 20 minute treatment time
  • Adjustable velcro straps hold wrap securely to leg or to another wrap

The Light Therapy Hock Wrap addresses these common ailments:

  • Joint inflammation
  • Bog spavins
  • Bone spavins
  • Thoroughpins
  • Curbs
  • Intratarsal joints
  • Digital, flexor and extensor tendons
  • Major acupoints

Warranty - 5 year Limited Warranty and Product Guarantee from RevitaVet!