Finding the Dog's Path - A deep dive into Canine Energy Pathways

Hands-On 4 Day Canine Meridian and Energy Point Location Class

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Product Description

This intensive class is a four day hands-on exploration of the energetic meridians and master energy points of the dog.  Using a systematic approach, you will discover how to trace the flow over chi energy throughout the dog.

As you follow each meridian along the anatomical structure, you begin to understand the relationship between each element and the physical and systemic balance of the body.

By completion of this course and it's homework, students will have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Anatomical language
  • Specific anatomical structures
  • Meridian theory
  • Tracing meridian pathways by way of anatomical landmarks
  • The timing and cycles of energy flow
  • How to locate and use light to balance master energy points
  • The basic concepts of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine