Equine BackSaver Pad

The BackSaver Pad contains 140 visible red 650nm diodes with a generous coverage area. The diodes are pulsed for greatest pain relief and tissue repair.

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Product Description

Self-contained, stand-alone and non-invasive, the BackSaver operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries.  The unit contains 140 visible red 650nm diodes with a generous coverage area.  A seven foot adjustable strap is provided to wrap around the horse’s girth as well as an 18 inch elastic Velcro strap for additional support around the neck area, will help to keep the unit attached to the horse.  Another way to keep the unit on the horse is simply placing a blanket over the device.  The BackSaver shuts off automatically after thirty (30) minutes.  Application time is usually 10-15 minutes.

The Back Saver is designed to be used as a maintenance device for the back, croup, neck, or any large area on the horse.  It bends both vertically and horizontally.

The BackSaver is safe to use on multiple horses per day.

19″ x 6.5″ = 123 sq. in treatment area
140 visible red (650 nm – 5 mw peak pwr.) LEDs per array
Minimal heat output
Velcro strap
Adjustable 7 foot strap

Warrantee: 5 year Limited Warranty & Product Guarantee

The BackSaver addresses these common conditions:

  • Large Wounds
  • Sore Back
  • Sore Crest
  • Sore Croup
  • Sore Loins
  • Sore Shoulder
  • Sore Withers
  • Any other large area
  • Great for dogs, cows and husbands too!