Dental Kit with Fiber-Optic Probe

Red, Blue or Dual Color Photopuncture Dental Kits with high intensity Fiber-Optic Probe and adapter.

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Product Description

*** NEW PRODUCT! ***

Due to overwhelming demand, PTI has launched our new Dental Kits!  With either Red, Blue or Both color torches along with a high-intensity Fiber-Optic probe.

Each kit comes with our "Introduction to Light Therapy and Frequency Medicine" course as well as our LIVE weekly Office Hours training!

Kit Options:

  • Red Torch with Fiber-Option Probe Kit
  • Blue Torch with Fiber-Option Probe Kit
  • Dual Color (1 Red + 1 Blue) Torches with Fiber-Option Probe Kit
  • Three Torch Kit - 2 Red Torches + 1 Blue Torch with 2 Fiber-Option Probe Kits