Certified Light Therapist (CLT1)

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Complete Certified Light Therapist Course developed and taught by Light Energy Training Seminars (L.E.T.S.) - 7 modules recognized by B.A.H.N.S. once hands-on practicum and Online testing by L.E.T.S. is completed.

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Product Description

Full Professional Certification Course developed by Photonic Therapy Institute and Light Energy Training Seminars (L.E.T.S.)

Full Certification requires completion of the seven online modules and provides the forms and procedures necessary for a Light Therapy Practice:

  • Introduction to Light Therapy and Vibrational Medicine
  • Understanding Energy
  • The Mechanics of Light
  • Light at the Cellular Level
  • Pain and the Nervous System
  • Where to Shine Your Light
  • Keeping it Legal

Once the online modules, quizzes and home work submissions are complete, candidates must complete a short hands-on practicum and take the online test offered by Light Energy Training Seminars (L.E.T.S) - $50 fee payable to LETS.  Certification then offered by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Science (B.A.N.H.S.) for $145 per year.