Certified Equine Light Therapist (CELT)

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Certification Program for those looking offer Equine Light Therapy Services. In-depth education on the mechanics and practical applications of Equine Light Therapy. Prerequisite - Introduction to Equine Light Therapy (Live or Online)

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Product Description

This course is designed for those interested in offering professional Light Therapy services for Horses.  It INCLUDES the online Human Certified Light Therapist Modules.

Full Certification Includes:

Introductory course:

Live: Introduction to Equine Light Therapy OR


  • Basic Equine Evaluation AND
  • Intro to Photopuncture Light Therapy for Horses
  • Video documentation of the Equine Evaluation as well as use of primary Equine Photopuncture techniques and charts.

Plus completion of the seven online CLT modules:

  • Introduction to Light Therapy and Vibrational Medicine
  • Understanding Energy
  • The Mechanics of Light
  • Light at the Cellular Level
  • Pain and the Nervous System
  • Where to Shine Your Light (on Horses)
  • Keeping it Legal in the Veterinary World

Hands-On Practicum

To demonstrate understanding and competence with online material, students much assess and provide Light Therapy services a minimum of 3 times for at least 3 different horses. Students must complete session tracking materials and submit them to PTI.

3rd Party Board Certification (Online Exam)

Online CLT exam offered by Light Energy Training Seminars (additional fee).

Once all sections are complete, your full Professional Certification program is recognized by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (B.A.N.H.S.).  Initial B.A.N.H.S. Certification Fee is $159 with $59 annual renewal along with 20 CEUs.