(102) Understanding Energy thumbnail

(102) Understanding Energy

"Understanding Energy" with world renown Doctor of Energetic Medicine – Ginger Bowler. Your best therapy results come when you are vibrating at your highest level. Concepts, insights and tips for keeping yourself "Above the Line". 4 CEU credits

(101) Intro to Light Therapy & Frequency Medicine thumbnail

(101) Intro to Light Therapy & Frequency Medicine

This module is designed to provide the new light therapy user with a basic understanding of how Light is used to help restore the body to a healthy, vibrant and pain-free state. 4 CEU credits

(105) Pain and the Nervous System thumbnail

(105) Pain and the Nervous System

To understand how and why we experience pain, we must understand the complex nervous system. Provides a basis for understanding the way our body experiences pain and how the application of light therapy will reduce that pain. 8 CEU credits

(104) Light Therapy at the Cellular Level thumbnail

(104) Light Therapy at the Cellular Level

Why is Light is Important to Living Organisms? This class explains why Light is an essential component to a healthy body and it’s role in releasing Nitric Oxide and lowering pain levels. 8 CEU credits

(103) The Mechanics of Light thumbnail

(103) The Mechanics of Light

This course builds an understanding of the physics of light: Frequency, Wavelength, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Learn to compute the dosage of light therapy devices and develop an understanding of sympathetic resonance. 8 CEU credits

(107) CLT Legal and Compliance thumbnail

(107) CLT Legal and Compliance

Overview of certain legal issues for practitioners of light therapy. Understanding the Rules Governing Non-Licensed Therapists and the regulation of therapists legal and compliance overview. 4 CEU credits

(106) Where to Shine Your Light thumbnail

(106) Where to Shine Your Light

Preparing yourself and your clients for success with using lights for a healthy pain-free life. Learn to identify chronic from acute conditions and determine the best approach for applying lights for any condition or purpose. 8 CEU credits