Photopuncture Recipes for Peak Human Performance thumbnail

Photopuncture Recipes for Peak Human Performance

Energy Point Charts to help keep the human athlete in peak condition: Warm Up/Cool Down. Overcoming exhaustion, improving Range of Motion. Digital file for easy access on any phone or tablet!

Acupressure Points Guide thumbnail

Acupressure Points Guide

Know where to Shine Your Light on your own body! This book contains images of 38 unique acupressure points that can be used in various combinations to promote natural healing for 175 illnesses and injuries to various parts of the body.

Five Point Touch Therapy thumbnail

Five Point Touch Therapy

Acupressure for the Emotional Body by Pierre-Noel Delatte, MD. Use these recipes with the Photopuncture Torch to help release and overcome disabling emotional patterns.

Equine Barn Charts thumbnail

Equine Barn Charts

Two 11 x 17 double-sided laminated charts for easy reference to the most used Equine Energy Points for Photopuncture, Acupressure or other energetic modalities.