LLLT: A Panacea for oral maladies

A review of the applications of low level laser therapy on various soft and hard oral tissues. A variety of therapeutic effects of Low Level Laser Therapy have been reported on a broad range of disorders. It has been found amenably practical in dental applications including soft as well as hard tissues of the oral cavity. LLLT has been found to be efficient in acceleration of wound healing, enhanced remodeling and bone repair, regeneration of neural cells following injury, pain attenuation, endorphin release stimulation and modulation of immune system. The aforementioned biological processes induced by Low level lasers have been effectively applied in treating various pathological conditions in the oral cavity.


PTI Note: Please recognize that since article was written the world view of PBM has become inclusive of both laser and LED benefits. LLLT is now recognized and referred to as Photobiomodulation (PBM).

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