Light Therapy Helps Expose Serious Issue Doctor Needed To Know About

My name is Tamara Samilenko andI am a Certified Light Therapist and an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.  Thus far, I am introducing friends and family to the wonderful science of Light Therapy and so enjoy aiding them in finding relief with their pains, aches, detoxing, TBI and more. I’m also coaching clients and using Light Therapy to assist them with their specific health journeys.
This past week I had a very dear friend about to have surgery on her Rotator Cuff.  She had had the previous shoulder done several years ago.  I came over to provide comfort and shine my lights on her.  I wanted to prep her body to go into surgery and knew that Light would help increase circulation and decrease inflammation to her shoulder so her recovery time would be less. 

I worked on her shoulder for about 3 minutes using different Photopuncture Points. I also did her Bai Wai point for about 15 seconds
My friend and I always have something to laugh about and during her session she said something so hilarious we started laughing really hard. As we were laughing, she fainted and blacked out for about 30 seconds.  When she came to, she was confused and did not even remember laughing.  This dear friend of mine thought is was the Lights that made her faint/black out. I felt terrible. It was the first time she had any Light Therapy and felt nothing else was different other than that. I had asked her before we started how her blood pressure was and she said it was fine.  I also knew she had her pre-surgery checkup and was in good enough health for the surgery. 

Not sure what to do, I reached out my fellow Light Therapy Community at Photonic Therapy Institute. I posted the story to a Facebook group they have called “The Light Brigade”. Soon, a few other experienced Light Therapists chimed in that they had never experienced anyone fainting form light, nor had they heard of anyone fainting from using light. They asked me to consider my friend’s overall health. Was she a fairly healthy person or not? How was her blood pressure? If she already had very low blood pressure, did it suddenly lower further?

So I inquired about my friend’s blood pressure again and she assured me it was fine.  She has COPD but it is managed and fine now. She was certain it was the lights and was not comfortable with using them post surgery. About an hour later, I walked her to her pre-surgery lung doctor appointment that she has previously booked and urged her to please tell her doctor about the fainting incident.    
He asked her to do some forceful exhales and she came very close to fainting again. An indication her COPD is escalating. Although she thought it was managed, her COPD has clearly gotten worse. 
I love this woman so much and feel better knowing it was not the lights that had her faint but rather a lack of oxygen.   
Since meeting her doctor, she has agreed to using Light Therapy post shoulder surgery for her shoulder and to support her lymphatic system.

The community at Photonic Therapy Institute so wonderful in helping me see that the Lights help expose a serious issue that her doctor needed to know about, especially before surgery!

It didn’t feel like the lights were the catalyst but I needed validation for her and me. I’m grateful that my intuition was correct, and that she saw her doctor right away. I have learned so much about Light Therapy and it continues to teach me in ways I never imagined.
Tamara Samilenko CLT, INHC
Owner: SolGuide
Owner of Connolly Photopuncture, Certified Human and Equine Light Therapy Instructor, Certified Pet Light Therapist, Secretary for the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences