“Let’s Say The Lights Make My Ailment Better, Why Do I Still Want To Own A Device?”

One of the questions I’m most often asked is, “Let’s say I have arthritis (or another ailment) and it gets better, why would I still want a Light Therapy Device in my home?”

I go to my Light Therapy Device(s) (Photobiomodulation) for multiple health and wellness reasons. I’m a fairly healthy young person, but I know I’ve saved trips to the doctor and to the veterinarian just by owning a Light Therapy Device.

For instance:

I spent one spring day weed wacking. The following morning I woke up with symptoms associated with pink eye. It was the earliest stages, as you can see in the picture below.  The inside corner of my right eye hurt. Especially to look left or right, and it was becoming a bit red. So I put my Light Therapy Device on my lymphatic system then, a few hours later, I Googled “acupuncture points for pink eye” and I used Photopuncture (acupuncture with light) on those points. On both occasions I felt drainage in my throat. By that evening it was as if my eye was never a bother. In fact, I continued week wacking that same afternoon.

Just about every summer I use Light Therapy to assist with sunburns. A picture of my leg shows what a sunburn looked like directly after noticing the burn and putting Light Therapy on it. You can see it’s already beginning to look better. I’m a pretty pale person and I burn easily. When I burn, I usually peel and go back to being pale. Not this time. My leg was tan for almost a year.

Here are a couple of pictures showing how quickly Light Therapy came to my rescue when I stubbed my toe badly on a couch leg. You can kind of see the green bruise on the outside of my toe, in the picture on the left.  After applying Light Therapy for two days, my toe was much better, and it wasn’t long before I forgot it was even injured.

I’ve also gotten plenty of use from my Light Therapy Device(s) with my dog, Lilo. I’ve had Lilo two years now and I know I’ve saved in veterinarian bills with everything from an upset stomach, an injured knee ligament (I’m not sure which ligament because I started doing Light Therapy and Photopuncture), and her spay recovery.

These just happened to be instances that I had pictures for. I incorporate Light into my life on a almost daily bases. One day I could be using Photopuncture to assist in emotional release work, the next day my intention might be using Light to benefit a parasympathetic (restful) state, the following day I might use it to increase circulation to my lymphatic system for detox support. Not to mention bug bites, bee stings, allergies, etc.

I’m still in awe of all the benefits it’s brought and money I’ve saved in the few years I’ve been using Light Therapy. Light Therapy devices really are whole home health & wellness systems.

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Owner of Connolly Photopuncture, Certified Human and Equine Light Therapy Instructor, Certified Pet Light Therapist, Secretary for the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences