Efficacy of Pulsed 405-nm Light-Emitting Diodes for Antimicrobial Photodynamic Inactivation

More research about the benefits of Pulsing Blue Light Therapy (a.k.a. photobiomodulation) for Antimicrobial Properties!

“This study has indicated that pulsing of 405-nm LED light, while maintaining the same dose over the same period of time, or varying the frequency, has similar performance when compared with the continuous exposure in terms of antimicrobial efficacy. Although the antimicrobial efficacy is unchanged, pulsed 405-nm LED light appears to be more optically efficient. The maximum average optical efficiency increased by *80% with a 25% duty cycle compared with continuous exposure. The energy consumption showed a downward trend as the duty cycle decreased, but for the 50% and 75% duty cycles, the same level of bacterial inactivation was achieved as for the continuous exposure, with lower energy consumption. These results align well with the application of 405-nm light for practical infection control treatments. With particular reference to its use for continuous environmental decontamination, if running an LED-based lighting system at a 50% duty cycle, the same amount of microbial inactivation could be achieved with *35% less electrical energy consumed, and the light would appear less bright than if it were operated continuously. This would help improve the esthetics and acceptability of antimicrobial room lighting systems, with enhanced 405-nm light output giving lower perceived brightness and the added benefit of lower electrical energy consumption, which could lead to substantial savings given that the application requires the lights to be operated for extended periods.”

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