Photonic Therapy Institute

By completing these 2 classes, along with the online “Certified Light Therapist” program, students are recognized by B.A.N.H.S. as a Certified Light Therapist (Level 1) with with Pet and Pet certifications added.


Introduction to Light Therapy for Pets

Why take this class?

Photonic Therapy can improve the health and performance of your pet in minutes!

Lower Pain

  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Stimulate Immune Function
  • Speed Healing

Light Therapy is non-invasive, completely safe, and has been researched for over 70 years. Now YOU can use the same tools that Vets and Chiropractors now reach for as their go-to tool for healthy, pain-free pets!.

Class Includes

  • How to evaluate your pet for overall health, pain, and structural balance.
  • Understanding how Light affects the body and speeds healing.

Hands-On practice with Photonic Torches and the Pain-Free Pad.

  • PTI Charts to help pets with Hip Displasia, Allergies, and overall Health.
  • Activating parasympathetic nerve bundles to calm and rebalance the body.
  • Well behaved dogs will be accepted on a first-reserved basis.


A Deep Dive into Dogs’ Energy Meridians

This intensive class is a 5 day exploration of the energetic meridians and master energy points for Dogs.

Using a systematic approach, students quickly learn to trace the flow of chi energy through the Dog and to utilize that energy to balance the entire body.

By completion of this course You will have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Anatomical language
  • Specific anatomical structures
  • Meridian theory
  • Tracing meridian pathways by way of anatomical landmarks
  • The timing and cycles of energy flow
  • How to locate and use Light to balance master energy points

As you follow each meridian along the anatomical structures, you begin to understand the relationship between each element and the physical and systemic balance of the dog’s body.



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