LLLT for Radiation Dermatitis

Therapeutic lasers work on the cellular level, enhancing the fundamental functions of the cells. This means that any pathological condition theoretically can be improved, if the suitable
wavelength and energy of light is applied. This is the beauty of laser phototherapy, but also the problem: how can one single therapy be used in so many situations?

Oral Mucositis

More research about the benefits of Light Therapy (a.k.a. photobiomodulation) for Oral Mucositis, Saliva & Xerostomia!  “LLLT was effective in reducing the severity of chemoradiotherapy-induced OM and was associated with the reduction of inflammation and repair.” Photonic Therapy Institute was developed by Certified Light Therapy Instructors with 3 decades of experience with Photopuncture Tools and Light Therapy Systems of all …