Building a budding Pet Light Therapy business



In the fall of 2018, I approached a local pet food store and asked if I could put up a poster on their bulletin board advertising Light Therapy and Photopuncture for pets. Not only did they welcome a poster and some business cards, but they invited me to demonstrate at an upcoming dog adoption event. I agreed and it was a huge success. I now have a standing invitation to all adoption events!

This spring, I traded a one week rental of a two-port InLight system for a gently used grooming table. It was a Win-Win for both of us! A new client has the opportunity to try out InLight Medical pads and I have a professional look with a grooming table at pet adoption events!

I volunteer my light therapy services at adoption events and in return build relationships with pet owners, groomers, trainers, rescue owners and volunteers. The big reward is working with pets looking for their forever homes. Light therapy has a calming effect and helps them “put their best paw forward” to prospective pet parents.

Certified Light Therapist and Certified Pet and Equine Light Therapist offering photobiomodulation and Photopuncture services in Canada and So. California.