2 Photonic Light Kit thumbnail

2 Photonic Light Kit

What massage therapists, chiropractors, vetrinarians and equine body workers prefer. 1 Pro Light (500 mW) 1 Standard Light (97 mW) Leather Holster PTI Equine Therapy Points Chart Set

Pain Free Pad System thumbnail

Pain Free Pad System

Pain Free Pad System for use on Humans, Equines and small pets.

Photonic Health Professional Kit thumbnail

Photonic Health Professional Kit

The complete set of amazing Photonic Health Products plus our PTI Equine Training!

Pro Photonic Light thumbnail

Pro Photonic Light

Professional Grade Red Light Photonic torch with 500 mW of Power! Designed for deeper, more direct penetration to muscles & bones

Standard Photonic Light thumbnail

Standard Photonic Light

Standard 660 nm Photonic Torch. Crush proof, waterproof, life time bulbs.